Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chaos theory

[a confession before i start. i am not going to bother with the capitals. its mildly distracting to have one finger on the shift key everytime you begin a sentence.; strongly distracting stuff i can handle, like mothers yelling in the background, a phone no one is willing to answer, shreds of mango stuck in the infinitesimal gap between my teeth. yes, that i can manage. it is the mild distractions that eat me out.]

saw 'the butterfly effect' yesterday. i wasnt a movie buff until recently. but a persistent cinema-crazy boyfriend finally managed to coax me into watching a few movies. so glad he did.
the opening line of this movies goes : "it has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world". it's called the chaos theory.
kept wriggling in bed after watching it. a dialogue stuck from it. "you could be killing your dear mother in the future just by sitting in this room right now." SO TRUE *shudders*

we live life as a permutations and combinations of CHOICES....none of which make much sense or bear any importance when they are made, which is the eeriest part of the whole thing. it is unimaginable, the impact they have on our lives in the future! how then can you make the 'right' choice if you dont even KNOW you are making a choice! chaos it really is then.

apt example: me being in a relationship with prathamesh is because one fine afternoon in 2003, i decided to step out of the house to buy a gift for my parents' wedding anniversary. because it is there that we met after our 10th std classes had ended. and from then on, there was no looking back.
but it is not just that one choice, you know. it also depended on trump's [the mtnl network] server being crashed. it failed to charge any money for smses that you sent in those days. voila! we chatted away via smses to glory! brought us so close that eventually we had fallen straight into the famed love-ditch before we could realise.

oh well, come to think of it, my relationship depends entirely on a WINDOW in my bedroom being open on a fateful day when a gush of wind made a loose page from a paper fly, catching my mother's attention. it advertised the chate classes [i know,im ashamed of being in them, but what the heck, it made my life anyway!]. otherwise, i'd never have known a prathamesh mhatre.


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