Sunday, May 31, 2009

4 o'clock musings

Ok..phew! The 'phew' at the beginning because there's far from 'few' stuff (ok, sorry for the lame pun) crammed in my brain right now... it feels like a muddled cocktail. But before i can sort any of that, i believe i must give some proper "good morning judges, teachers and my dear friends" type of introduction.

Let me begin by saying that i am...or rather was an anti-blog person. I'm much of an anti-'anything-that's-popular' person too, come to think of it. [Btw, it takes herculean efforts to type in the "propah" Queen's English after years of mindless LOLing on the net.]
Although I must also mention this extremely important fact about me that you MUST know.. I am a highly unpredictable person. I love change.

And so it goes to say that but naturally i changed my opinion on blogs suddenly, one fine night-morning (a rather ungodly hour) while readin the paper.[i do all sorts of unexpected and unconventional activities at night, so overlook the fact that i was reading a newspaper at 4:00] The 4th anniversary of Mumbai Mirror. Really good stories of people from diverse walks of life. It stirred something in me to write too. -Decided against it *nah, its too common*.
-Convinced myself into writing one nevertheless but decided to push it till tomorrow. *it's fuckin 4 o'clock and you have the first day of your final yr tomorrow at 7:30. Blogging at 4 is the last thing you should be doing*
-Gave up, got up and got writing. [Left my much cozy bed and sat on a ridiculously uncomfortable stool...need to buy a good chair for the computer]

Enough with the silly introduction. I'm bored already.

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