Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Travel

A whiff is all it takes. Not a fraction more and she was there. Back where she never wanted to go again. For the same reason you hate looking at plastic chocolates when you are hungry.
Begging the memory to last a moment more...begging the aroma to linger a fragment more. Long enough to take it all in. But it never does, does it?
What exasperated Albert and led him to a point of no hope, the Olefactory senses did. Time travel.

The stinging aroma of a Clove flavoured facewash.

The smell of the water there, as she splashed it on her face..erasing the signs of a late night.

The bathroom and its memory of the disinfectant.

White bedsheets. The smell of them. The smell of them when she hid underneath. They were never meant to smell so good...

The artificial room freshener, and it stirs a brilliant image.

The curtains long out of use. Unmoved, dusty, memorable.

Damp towels and they smell of him. They were never meant to smell so good...

And a jolt from the dream. Lather on my hands. Of the Clove flavoured facewash.


  1. it's nice!! i luv it...!

    i kno u don't kno me.. i came across ur blog a few days ago n have been following it ever since... i really like ur posts... keep it up! :)

  2. oh! dat feels so good :)
    thnx aditi!

  3. thats magically poetical ....
    good work..
    loved that pict there ...

  4. the picture never fails ... hi ....
    its nice to see you blogging .... keep it up i'd love to hear a lot more about the pictures as well u know ...