Friday, June 26, 2009

Love in the afterlife

Raindrops on my face,
I drank them yesterday,
The raindrops made me smile all day.

They mask my tears now.
I hate the rain today.

It smells like a monsoon 6 years back... the high, oh the high of happiness! The indescribable joy of innocent love.
The memory of a loving look and a gentle caress is all it takes to make the world come crashing down. The thought of that warm embrace...and it will kill me today.
And crashing down it came..the world.

Check my pulse. I'm dead.

I hate the rain today.


  1. U risk a peek in ur life when u write such... sadly am not as brave as u or my blog wud be over flowing by now. Come whatever may in the end its U who will decide whether its alrite.

  2. i guess ive reached a stage where i dont care any longer..

  3. yup, chekd, not really dead! :-)

    even monsoons dont last a lifetime ...
    cheer up ...

  4. gd that u convey .. first time i ever found someone with my surname .. kashelkar are extinct i tht .. anyways .. keep writing and keep goin

  5. Spectacular thought process, frantically mature! And i believe one who hasn't suffered is yet to attain wisdom. Keep writing! Stay blessed